a pair of shoes blues

a pair of shoes. a fullbag of memories
under these tropical trees
small bird says hi
then flies up high

i’m high
from the clove cigarettes i smoke
from a fullbag of memories
under these tropical trees

chair is making conversation
with a pair of shoes
light conversation
about poet and prophet
which one is closer to god?

a pair of shoes don’t care
they aren’t interested in astrology

chair wants to talk to small bird
yet small bird’s flown away and high

i’m high
from writing poetry under the banyan tree
and klengkeng and pine
tropical trees

my tropical cigarette’s still burning
still smoking. adrifting memories
captured in a clothbag
a blue clothbag

i’m blue
fullbag of memories and a pair
of shoes make me blue
as color of deep water
in the lake

in me


klengkeng = longan, dragon eye (Euphoria longan, Nephelium longana), a kind of tropical fruit