drawing contest

: Sheila Aspahani

look at little Shiela
with her picnic table
paper is on that table
Shiela is drawing

Shiela’s drawing a tree. blue are its leaves. she doesn’t like drawing fire. Shiela likes drawing orange sun. Shiela’s drawing a boat in an aquarium, and a purple mermaid. “she has flu,” Shiela shily said

Shiela’s drawing a maroon balloon. “i’m running out of red,” Shiela said. she made picture of war yesterday. Shiela’s drawing a cloud. she looks unsure what color is right for it

Shiela’s drawing hopscotch squares. red, yellow, light green. a child’s sitting on the side. “her foot’s wounded,” Shiela said. because of broken glass perhaps. Shiela’s drawing an ocean, a soccer goal is there. “the soccer field’s been burnt out by bombs,” Shiela smiled and blushed

Shiela’s drawing the sky
her smile suddenly