A Birthday Note to My Woman at Home While I Am Not

i might not give you any flowers nor a birthday cake with glowing candles telling how many years of your life have burnt into memories. i might not be there at your side to breathe you all the wishes and prayers to your ears, your crown chakra, or your deepest soul. i might not be there beside you to hold your hands, touch your belly, squeeze your shoulders, or rub your back for a little taste of warmth.

i just want you to know that i am there in you, as you are here in me.

2 Replies

  1. A. Mahmud Reply

    I admire your work of mind.Indeed its hard to find words to make poetry, but its easy to let flow and express your feeling, cause words will just flowing like stream. Please do comment mine too, please visit 4mind.wordpress.com and let the Poet live for another ages.

    Cah Solo.

    A. Mahmud

  2. andi t Reply

    horee. happy birthday to your woman.is her belly attracting you to listen how heavy to start a new journey?